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Struggling to Make “Ends Meet”?
Feeling like you’ll never get out of Debt?

Today, more than three out of every four American families are in debt according to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. A recent survey found that debt is a leading source of stress for Americans. When people are dealing with mountains of debt, they’re more likely to have health problems, too. Life without debt is liberating.

Some people think debt is the result of spending too much money on material things and living beyond one’s means; however, that simply is not true.

Most people have too much debt for reasons beyond their control. People get into debt due to medical issues, job loss, failed business, pay cut, or some other unexpected life event. Typically, people get into debt through no fault of their own.

Bankruptcy is your legal right to get out of debt. There are many “solutions” advertised in the market place. There is credit counseling, debt settlement, loan modifications, offers in compromise, creditor defense, and yes, even bankruptcy. The irony is bankruptcy is seen as the “last resort”, but in many cases, it’s the best solution. Bankruptcy is not a crime – it’s a federal law.

We can help you find a path to financial freedom.

We offer solutions to eliminate your debt and financial stress and help you are currently struggling with bankruptcy in the Denver, Broomfield, Denver Tech Center and Colorado Springs areas.. Just because we specialize in bankruptcy doesn’t mean it’s our only solution to your debt problem. We find that bankruptcy doesn’t work for 20% of the people we meet. But, if bankruptcy is right for you, then we’ll show you how bankruptcy can eliminate your debt and rebuild your life.

We offer a money-back guarantee.

With so many choices, it’s hard to decide what course of action to take and whom to hire to help you. We guarantee that if you follow the steps outlined by Heupel Law during the bankruptcy, you’ll get out of debt or we’ll refund your attorney fees. We are the only firm in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas that offers you a money-back guarantee.

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